Thursday, 8 November 2012

All Is Well That Ends Well

Assalamualaikum and good day to all of kind readers.I'm so glad to write some activity today.

On 10.30 am,my first lecture for Information System at DK12  teaching by our lovely lecturer Mr.Izuan. Today we learn about Information System that support organizations and Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management.Both of topics are very important to support internal process,regardless of who actually owns the systems.Moreover,we will know that customers and suppliers are supremely important to all organizations whether direct or indirect on managing firm's customers and suppliers.

Then,after recess time on 14,10 pm we going to class of Business Law,we learn about valuable things under topic of Law of sale Of Good that is transfer of title,remedies for breach of Contract of Hire Purchase.this topic are very interesting and important to make application for conducting business for future.

The last class for today was finish on 18.00 pm for Financial Accounting.Today we are covered the topics of Balancing Off the Accounting and The Trial Balance and The Capital Expenditure and Revenue expenditure.We learned how to describe the effect on final accounts,mainly on net profit,if revenue expenditure is wrongly treated as capital expenditure and vice versa.

Anyway thanks a lot for read my blog.

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