Friday, 9 November 2012

Peace And Joy

Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart

 rather than a piece of our mind...

My first important that i carried for today morning are attend to sat Oral Speaking Test for Mandarin Language. O yea , i got lesson from my preparation and carried out this part of the test that is,i need to practice and apply it necessary for purpose meaning in our daily life or business at the future.Not only just learn to take exam and got good result but need to appreciate the new knowledge because this time are one type of the opportunity to be a person who are able to speak multi language.

I also got some valuable lesson through learning process in Economics Class today like how to present the assignment for selected topic.It is important in order to make effective and enhance the quality of presentation.

What do i define as a presentation?In the broadest sense,it's every encounter you have with every person you ever meet.

A presentation doesn't necessarily mean standing in front of a crowd with a projecto. It could be when you sit squirming in an interviewer's chair trying to be eloquent when asked why you left your job.

More specifically,however i'm going to talk about business presentation.Whenever you are asked otherwise conveying information to them,you have a presentation.Compressed to its essence,a presentation consists of four basic elements;you,your audience,your message and your tools...

The two hardest thing to say in life are Hello for the first time....and Good Bye for the last...

Thank you for read my blog..

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